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IPMIS Version 3.0.6 Patch

The IPMIS Version 3.0.6 Patch is a software patch for the Integrated Pest Management System (IPMIS) Version 3.0. It makes the following additions or resolves the following issues in IPMIS Version 3.0.5:

  • Changed input of a pesticides quantity on the task form from 0000.00 to 000000.00
  • Added ability to assign a warning level (Caution, Warning, or Danger) to each pesticide within the system
  • Added ability to assign a category type (Biological, Chemical, Physical, or Not Applicable) to each operation within the system.
  • Added ability to assign a Pesticide Use Category (Public Health, Mission Control, Mission Support, Environmental, or Quality or Life) to each site within the system.
  • Added USAF End Of Year Report
  • Added Termite and Wood Decay Inspection Report Input Screen
  • Added DD Form 1070 - Termite and Wood Decay Inspection Report

This patch incorporates a database updater that updates the IPMIS Database to an IPMIS Version 3.0.6 database (Database Version 04). Results of the update are stored in the IPMIS Version 3.0 data folder in the file database.log.

  • PC running Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000/Me/XP/Vista Business/7 Professional
  • PC running IPMIS Version 3.0.5

This patch is intended for the PC version of the Integrated Pest Management Information System (IPMIS) Version 3.0 and is not meant for use with any other versions.

Please note:

  • If you previously installed the trial version of IPMIS Version 3.0.6, you will need to contact the IPMIS Support Center for additional assistance.

  • If you previously installed the IPMIS Version 3.0.6 Patch, you will need to uninstall the IPMIS Version 3.0.6 Patch and then download and install the new IPMIS Version 3.0.6 Patch. The new patch corrects an error in the assignment of the warning level "Warning" to a pesticide. If the warning level of "Warning" was assigned to a pesticide, it will need to be reassigned following the installation of the patch. If necessary, you can verify the version of IPMIS Version 3.0.6 as being updated by viewing the "Internal Name" of IPMIS as IPMIS 3.0.6g from the properties of the file "IPMIS.exe" in the folder C:\Program Files\IPMIS.


If you are a Windows user, at each workstation where IPMIS Version 3.0.5 is installed:

  1. Logon as a System Administrator.
  2. Close all open Windows applications.
  3. Download:
    • Self-Extracting Executable: Windows (2,632 KB EXE File)
      1. Launch IPMISVersion306Patch.exe.
      2. Select Yes.
      3. Select Setup.
    • Zipped Version: Windows (2,601 KB ZIP File)
      1. Extract the file using a standard unzip utility. Note the location of the directory/folder where the file is extracted.
      2. Launch Setup.exe
  4. Select Next.
  5. If necessary, select Browse to select the location of the previously installed IPMIS Version 3.0.
  6. Select Next.
  7. If necessary, select the Program Folder for IPMIS Version 3.0.
  8. Select Next.
  9. Select Finish.

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